While the new 2024 Ford Mustang's appearance may not be as drastic as the S197-to-S550 transition, it is a significant change.

The latest S550 Mustangs had rounder headlights and slightly wrinkled three-chambered bulbs. I

Instead, Ford introduced a sleek, contemporary Mustang to bring the iconic pony car into the current day. 

Certain design hints, though, may take some time to develop on you.

Ford revised the fascia of the new Mustang to be a practical and aesthetically pleasing step forward for the marque.

The gaping grille is said to be inspired by the first-generation Ford Mustangs of the 1960s.

Additionally, with its chamfered lower part, Ford highlights its "chiselled" front-end style; it seems to be a new species

 Lastly, each model will have its unique grille and vent design, with more aggressive inlets on higher trims.