Videos of individuals finding incredible success while searching for something as uncommon as dinosaurs

 It was thus hard to ignore what happened when Tavarish, a well-known YouTuber,

was challenged to discover a Ferrari that costs as much as a Toyota Camry in one of the Car Trek episodes.

As fate would have it, the guys in the video discovered three Ferraris for a price "equivalent" to a Camry, not just one.

A 1978 308 GTB, a 1994 456 GT, and a 2009 599 GTB with the HGTE handling upgrade are the three Ferraris

Although some of you might disagree with the methodology used to determine the costs of these automobiles

Obviously, there were some tricks used to keep the suspense high, but they succeeded in keeping our attention till the very

We'll leave it up to you to judge whether or not the Ferraris' pricing were fairly assessed.