In the chilly weather, it is quite normal for an electric car, especially a Ford, to achieve a lower range than typical.

Preconditioning enables customers to pre-heat their EV battery and cabin with the use of power from the charger

which is a superior option to utilising the vehicle's battery, so that you may be ready for lengthy travels throughout the winter.

Follow Ford's advice for keeping your car functioning smoothly in the winter if you chance to own an EV and reside in a cold country.

 For electric cars, cold weather is never ideal because it will inevitably affect range, further lowering power supply

According to a research cited by the Norwegian Automobile Association, EVs lose close to 20% of their range on average

 in these circumstances and some of the newest EVs actually lose approximately 10% of their range.

This is due to the fact that they charge more slowly under these circumstances.