This time, the Ford Mustang will come in a variety of variants and trim levels. 

Each model offers different design features to differentiate different options and support the performance of each model.

At the top of the Mustang line-up is Ford's new Dark His Horse his variation

boasting his aforementioned 500-horsepower eight-pot and various visual details around the car, 'Stang'.

 Let people know that you own the vertices of Among them are the well-known coupe and convertible variants, both offered with his 5.0-liter V8 and his EcoBoost 2.

The powertrain is a 3-liter 4-cylinder.

If you look closely, you might still be able to see it. The first Mustang Dark Horse, VIN 001, recently sold at Barrett Jackson for a whopping $490,000. 

The 2024 Mustang has firmly secured its reputation as the world's most popular sports car to date, so we can be confident it will live up to expectations.