The 1968 Dodge Dart GTS is the vehicle that most significantly bolstered Dodge's reputation as a

performance-oriented company, particularly among youthful buyers, in the 1960s

It is a little muscle vehicle with boxy styling and excellent performance; some variants have more than 300

However, a 1968 Dart GTS with a supercharged Hellcat engine is known to exist and to have around double that amount of power.

In 1960, the Dodge Dart really made its debut as a compact vehicle.

However, the Dart had developed into a mid-size automobile by the time the nameplate's second iteration was introduced for the 1962 model year.

he third iteration of the vehicle debuted for the 1963 MY, however it was a tiny model.

The fourth generation came after it in 1967. The fourth generation model is the 1968 Dart GTS.