The Porsche 911 is already a rare sports vehicle, but some ambitious fans want to make it even more 

 One typical method is to use a distinct exterior paint colour. 

In Japan, Pit One Customs painted a 911 in one of the most unusual paint colours ever: Musou Black.

It's the world's darkest water-based acrylic paint. The bespoke Musou Black Porsche 911 is so black that it is difficult to see at night.

The factory black paint on automobiles is sometimes criticised for being overly reflective.

 This is a less attractive colour for individuals who like a sleek black look for their vehicle

This issue was solved by the Pit One Customs crew. They used KoPro's Musou Black, the darkest paint colour available

According to Car and Driver, the reason Musou Black is so black is because it absorbs 99.6% of inbound light.